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GULF CENTER UNITED Industrial Equipment Co .W.L.L.
Was established in 1975 in Shuwaikh Industrial area, State of Kuwait where it specializes in
fabrication of industrial equipments for stone crushing and recycling plants.
GULF CENTER is also known for engineering expertise in designing.

We have started expanding in the region in sultanate of Oman in 2010 and we became as one of the biggest companies for industrial solution in GCC.



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surface coating

Surface Coating & Repair Applications

Surface Coating Surface coating is used to protect the surface of industrial equipments to prevent their direct contact with air and moisture so that the electrochemical corrosion reactions will not occur or occur at a very low rate. One of the major challenges faced by maintenance engineers across different industries is the limited time frame available...

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

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Metaline Protective Industrial Coatings for Equipments

MetaLine – Protective Industrial Coatings for Equipments

  With more than 60 years of experience, MetaLine stands for the protection, preservation and reconstruction of extremely impacted components. We can know more about MetaLine Protective Industrial Coatings for Equipments We aim at “changing surfaces for the better” for all industrial challenges giving equipments longer life time, higher efficiency and very less maintenance cost.   ...