1. Erosion / wear protectionCeramic repair compounds | Elastomeric protective coatings | Self-processable

 Against dynamic wear + impact
 Trowelable / brushable / sprayable
 For dry and wet (immersion) use
 Film thickness from 0.5 mm (20 mils) to unlimited
 Chemically resistant at pH 3-11
 Functional from -50°C (-58°F) to +80°C (176°F)

4. Chemical protectionPolymeric linings | Self-processable
7. Scratch / marking protectionElastomer coating cervices | NOT self-processable
2. Corrosion protectionPolymeric linings | Elastomeric coatings | Self-processable
5. Automation / feeding optimizationElastomer coating services | NOT self-processable
8. Non-stick characteristicsElastomeric coatings | Self-processable
3. Cavitation protectionElastomeric protective coatings | Self-processable
6. Repair / rupture / leakageCeramic repair compounds | Self-processable
9. Sound deadeningResidual elastic fibre resin coating | Self-processable



MetaLine Series 500Elastomeric spray coatings

 Available as coating service only
 For metal substrates
 Conveying optimisation / scratch protection
 Food- / pharmacy compliant

MetaLine Series 500

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface CoatingMetaLine Series XLCerarmic repair compounds

 Brushable, castable or trowelable
 For metal substrates
 Repair / breakage / leakage
 Lloyd’s Register of Shipping certified

Coating accessoiresTools and personal protective equipment (PPE)

 Surface preparation
 Masking tapes
 Workpiece holders
 Personal protective equipment (PPE)

MetaLine Series 600Elastomeric repair compounds

 Brushable, castable or trowelable
 For metal, rubber, concrete
 Wear protection
 Electrical / thermal insulation

MetaLine Series 600

MetaLine 100 XTMChemical protective coating

 Rollable, brushable or sprayable
 For metal & concrete
 Corrosion protection
 Passes > 10,000 h salt spray testing

MetaLine 100 XTM

MetaLine Series 700Elastomeric coatings

 Sprayable and castable
 For metal, rubber, concrete
 Erosion / cavitation / stick protection
 Food- / pharmacy compliant

MetaLine 440Sound deadening coating

 Brushable or sprayable
 For metal substrates
 Noise abatement

MeMetaLine 440