BIBKO® has been the leading manufacturer of residual concrete recycling systems with over 1850 systems installed worldwide since 1985. By combining technical progress and superior technology, BIBKO® can provide a 100% recycling system for the transport, precast and concrete products industries.
What are the individual reasons for using a concrete recycling system and what benefits result from this? 

Business management aspect
Investing in a ready mix reclaimer results in measurable savings through the installed cycle of material after a short time. These become apparent, above all, with the saving of costs for landfill, water and the recycling of aggregates. In addition to the purely economic aspect, a holistic concept for handling material and water in concrete plants also arises from a customer-specific recycling solution. 

Legal framework
The use of a ready mix recycler complies with the legal regulations regarding the avoidance or reuse of residual material. 

Active environmental protection
In addition to the legal requirements, active environmental protection is another reason for using a recycling system. The cycle of material achieved conserves natural resources and saves landfill space.

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