Surface Coating & Repair Applications

Surface Coating

Surface coating is used to protect the surface of industrial equipments to prevent their direct contact with air and moisture so that the electrochemical corrosion reactions will not occur or occur at a very low rate. Crack Map

One of the major challenges faced by maintenance engineers across different industries is the limited time frame available to carry out the repair work. Google Nik Collection

When a tank leakage occurs or a pipe ruptures, urgent repair is essential. Earlier there were few repair materials available that can overcome costly surface preparation requirements, slow curing, wet-cold conditions, and other related issues  with surface protection

Most of the available repair solutions are not compatible with minimal surface preparation, and therefore can often lead to failure. Download Cracks

One of the major challenge among protective coatings was to create a faster curing  material & those curing at lower temperature.

Increased production rates, less time for job completion and the ability to apply materials at lower temperatures and extend equipment life are the most preferred characteristics by all industries today. Darren

Limitations of common materials

Few of the common issues with available materials are:

Longer downtime intervals surface protection metaline gulf center

Curing time

Higher costs

High temperature

Wet/Oily bonding surface

Higher incidence of failures

Latest Technology Development

New polymeric technology has led to the development of an elastomeric spray technology called Metaline Surface Protection, which can be used for all kind of surface repair challenges faced by industrial sectors.

Metaline Series 700 provides rubber like protection technology for the repair of damaged rubber linings & elastomeric in-situ coatings of metal surfaces.

surface coating

Some areas of applications include:

  • Storage tanks
  • Piping, roof decks and water towers
  • Structural steel and plant equipment
  • Marine vessels and offshore structures
  • Other surfaces exposed to humidity, chemicals and corrosive environments

Metaline provides a cost-effective repair that can reinstate equipment for years of service.

Surface Coating & Protection

Corrosion & Erosion Protection

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