Rubber Repair & Protection from MetaLine

” Flexible, High Tensile and High Tear Strength

    Rubber Repair and Protection Solutions “

Natural Rubber may be a proven wear protection and anti-corrosion material. But the major drawbacks include it can only be applied by vulcanizing. Also, rapid in-situ lining is usually impossible.

When repairs got to be done, very often epoxy-ceramic products are used. Thanks to the convenience of application ! However, replacing rubber by plastic filling compounds may be a questionable approach and not generally to be recommended. cartoon animator download

MetaLine Series 700 is a special processing and material system doing away with this disadvantage. It’s cartridge spraying system to spray on seamless wear protection coatings on site without the assistance of special machines

Conveyor belt repair-gulf center metalineConveyor belt repair-gulf center metaline

MetaLine Series 700 system for rubber repair and protection is wear resistant, solvent-free, 2-component polyurethane spray coating.  

This can be applied in thick coats overhead or on vertical surfaces. mipony pro download

For applications where toughness, elasticity, high abrasion and tear resistance are needed MetaLine material is suitable. It bonds very well to almost all industrially used rubber mixtures.

MetaLine Series is a cold vulcanizing liquid  coating technology which makes maintenance work to rubber surfaces more professional, easier and quicker.

rubber repair and protection from MetaLine


  • Adhesion to most rubber substrates is beyond the cohesion of the rubber itselfRepalce rubber linings by MetaLine
  • Outstanding wear, impact and abrasion protection
  • Application and cure at room temperature – no hot work or vulcanization involved
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, polyamide, epoxy, ABS, plexiglass, wood, concrete, ceramic, rubber or polyurethane.
  • Seamless application – small or large areas treated in one operation


  • The Metaline self-processable elastic liquid coating system for solving wear and repair problems on site can be used for conveyor belts, mixers, floatation systems, vibratory chutes, screening machines, or with repairs of OTR tyres.
  • Liquid sealing of seawater treatment unit.
  • Cold-curing rubber linings on pump casings and impellers to provide durable impact and wear protection.
  • Coating of tanks and fluid handling equipment to repair and prevent against wear, erosion and corrosion.
  • Creation of anti-cavitation protective coating on ship propellers.
  • Rubber coatings of vibrator feed bowls and bellows.
  • Elastomeric repair & sealing of gaskets.
  • Tug repairs to provide massive dampening characteristics & cushioning effects to ensure secure & safe tug boat operation.
  • Preserves equipment valves- inside & outside of floating hoses.


conveyor belt repair by metaline

Repair of conveyor belts for immediate on-site repair of longitudinal cracks, general damage, smooth overlaying and sealing of splicing areas under all climatic conditions. 

Few examples of Conveyor belt repair by MetaLine is shown below

1. MetaLine Series 700 for belt repairs which allows permanent repairs without vulcanization for almost all belt types.

2. Longitudinal slit repair realized with MetaLine 760 on a conveyor belt used for gravel support.

3. Cross sectional Belt repair with MetaLine 760

4. Permanently flexible elastomeric coating & protection of splicing areas.

5. MetaLine 760 applied to the well prepared & primed belt in a step by step procedure

conveyor belt repair by metaline



Off-the-Road (OTR) vehicle tires are exposed to extremely tough conditions . Particularly in stony mine areas cuttings, tread chunking or detachment occurring on the interior butyl liner are frequent damage scenarios. The cost of replacement with new large sized tyres and delayed delivery of special tyres are all concerns for the industry operation. Reliable rubber technologies not involving rim disassembly help reduce cost & increase machine availability.

OTR Tyre repair by Metaline

Technical solution

MetaLine Series 700 materials can be used both as an exterior repair technology or as an interior coating lining to the tire. Via a special, highly elastic primer (MetaLine 910), secure permanent adhesion to the substrate is achievable. Wear resistance is better than what vulcanized materials offer. Most work necessary can be performed onsite without taking the tire from the rim. However, missing tire statics, such as with cracked steel reinforcements, cannot be restored.

rubber repair and protection by metaline

A look behind the scenes….


Back to work, Ready for a new cycle !

MetaLine brings you back in service within hours………..

  • Extremely Low cost
  • Easy to handle
  • Resistant & Durable
  • Saving resources
  • Non-toxic in use
  • Always available

For more detailed information about MetaLine solutions for rubber repair & protection, replacing/repairing rubber linings, contact Gulf CenterMetaLine Coating provider