Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

Industrial equipment and machinery involves  a major investment.  It often  requires a major upfront cost and ongoing maintenance. You cannot neglect this as your operations usually can’t function without all the equipment you need. Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

As soon as you introduce a new piece of equipment, your first question should be: “How can I extend its service life?”

In most of the cases you already have a maintenance plan based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, but in reality this will not  give you the results that you need. No worries! There are more options available to protect your machine from damage and the need to replace your equipment which is an expensive process . AACT Portable Download

So what that could be? The answer is Metaline Surface Protection.

Metaline Coating is an elastomeric product that combines the efficiency and performance of vulcanized rubber coatings and the simple processing of polymerics with resistance of duplex steel. Metaline technology is unique because of its simple spray application process, increasing efficiency upto 35% have been proven!

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

3 Types:

Metaline 760: serves to repair soft rubber linings and worn conveyor belts, also improving splicing areas.

Metaline 785: 1st choice for protection of equipment  subjected to wear, erosion or cavitation.

Metaline 795: develops non-stick properties and hence prevents material bridging.

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

With help from an expert team of Gulf Center, you can maximize your performance along that keep your equipment in top condition.

7 Key Dimensions:

  1. Weather resistance

One of the main factors that can cause a an equipment or its parts  to fail well before its time is moisture damage. Acid, rain, rust, salt attack are all factors contributing towards machinery failure. Metaline surface coatings can provide protection from almost all climatic conditions, without any crack or peel. Articulate Storyline Download

  1. Thermal Protection

Due to high temperature surroundings in industrial areas, equipments are at a higher risk of corrosion and a variety of other problems. Metaline surface protection extends not just to long periods of high temperatures, but also sudden fluctuations in temperature that can cause cracking.

  1. Extended Life span

If you can reduce the amount of potential damages that occur to your equipment, this will in turn increase the life span of it making it able to work for longer periods. Coatings can be touched up over time, improving your return on investment..

  1. Higher Productivity

Metaline coatings can help you keep your equipment up and running. When a key part of the equipment fails to work, it often takes days to months  the problem solved resulting in production loss. With the right coatings, this is situation can be avoided. Thus we provide reduced repair and maintenance cost, with increased equipment life.

  1. Less Costly Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a good practice in order for a continuous operation of the system without any mechanical failures. Once you have your equipment coated with Metaline, you will spend less time on cleaning and repair in the future. Sensitive components within your equipment will also last longer.

  1. Superior Resale Value

In the event you plan to resell equipment rather than destroy it, machinery painting can be a wise idea. Sometimes you decide to replace your existing equipment or  you’re scaling down, Equipment coating can be a wise idea. Metaline surface coating leads to a better condition. That can mean a faster, more profitable sale.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Last, but not least, appearance also plays a vital role when it comes to creating an impression. Be it an industrial sector or office environment,  everything needs to be kept in place and maintained properly. Coating with Metaline gives a good appeal to your equipment and also can create an impression on business partners, executives, and inspectors.

Protect Industrial Equipment with Metaline Surface Coating

It may take only a few hours to complete the coating process on your most valuable equipment pieces, but the time, money, and aggravation you save will amount to much more.