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The Dewatering Screen has found a home in the aggregate world for producing clean aggregate material and has become the vital piece of equipment for the economical removal of water from sand.

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How Dewatering Screen Works

Here’s how dewatering screens work to reduce the water content of slurries:

Step 1– To achieve rapid drainage, the slurry of water and solids is sent down a sloped, steeply screened surface. parallels desktop download

Step 2– Water is drained from the mixture as the slurry flows over the screens and forms a pool in the valley.

Step 3– It is carried back up a slope as the slurry flows through the device. In order to help additional water detach from the solution, the screens vibrate continually during the process.

Step 4– With a discharge pump, an uphill slope of the screen surface can be combined to create a deep bed that acts as a filter medium. This makes it possible to screen out even finer solids.

Step 5– You can use a rinsing station along the pathway if you want an even more refined, cleaner product. The water used to rinse can be separated by the sand dewatering equipment just as it removes the water from the slurry. php storm download

Dewatering Screen Kuwait

Now let’s look into the major role played by Dewatering Screens and how we can benefit from them.

Reasons to use Dewatering Screen in your Application

  1. Produce drier material

Dewatering Screens help produce more solid sand and hence help in elevating production yield. This is achieved with the help of several pieces of equipment that reduce moisture content. The initial material received from a separator is further sent for moisture removal into a Dewatering Screen.

Depending on the physical characteristics of the material, moisture content varies from 8-20%. For different purposes that require low moisture content material like feeding dryers & loading trucks, Dewatering Screen is a low cost solution. Ativadors & Cracks Download

  1. Handle multiple products

With longitudinal dividers, three products can be de-watered on the same screen at one time.  Using one Dewatering Screen for multiple products can lower capital and reducing cost.

  1. Integrate with surrounding equipment

Dewatering Screens fit well into many applications to yield a drier product, like Wash Plant- combination of Cyclone or Separator with Dewatering screen. Dewatering Screens integrate with downstream equipment.

  1. Low horsepower

Fitted with two vibrating motors or a single motor to drive exciters, Dewatering Screens utilize significantly lower total horsepower for similar capacity equipment. A Dewatering Screen can accept a variety of feed sources with the recommended feed moisture.

  1. Low Maintenance

Due to reduce  wear possibility on equipment and its ability to operate continuously as long as feed is available, result is low maintenance and wear cost.

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