corrosiion protection coatings in kuwait

Corrosion protection coatings against rust & environment

Corrosion, which involves rust, is a global concern that is gaining growing attention. The risk is rising as infrastructures age, endangering lives and property. Problems are often missed until they are too late.

Corrosion has two aspects: prevention and repair. Corrosion is permanent and often results in a weakened structure, which is an important thing to consider. apowerrecover crack

How MetaLine Prevents from Corrosion

Corrosion is the degradation of surfaces and structures as a result of a reaction to different elements and conditions. MetaLine elastomeric spray coatings create a protective barrier that prevents corrosion from starting:

·        Water, Rain, Moisture

·        Seawater, Salt Air & Gases

·        Abrasion and Erosion

·        High Velocity Flow

·        Stress, Pressure

·        Microorganisms

·        Age Deterioration

·        Electrolysis, Electrical Imbalance

corrosion coatings in kuwait

Corrosion-resistant alloys and materials with inhibitors postpone the onset of corrosion but do not offer long-term safety. The underlying metals become visible when protective coating gets destroyed due to wear and tear or physical damage.

The most common outcome is rust, which is caused by the deterioration of iron and its alloys, such as steel. Tough iron frameworks can disintegrate entirely in the presence of oxygen and water over time. As the metal surface rusts away, fresh metal is exposed, the cycle repeats, leaving layers of nothing but flakes. The only alternative is to use MetaLine coatings to block these components. It offers full resistance against exposure to weather, humidity, impact or mechanical disturbances

corrosion coatings in kuwait

Why MetaLine Protects Better

Paints and varnishes are widely used to cover surfaces, but they have poor protection and can deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. These thin films have a short lifetime and are susceptible to cracking and flaking, revealing exposed surfaces while coatings are thicker and protects the surface from environment as well as dynamic effects like erosion, wear, cavitation. microsoft toolkit

MetaLine is a solvent-free, 2-component polyurethane spray coating, designed for a professional and quick self-application by use of the MetaLine cartridge gun.

Metaline corrosion protection

They were developed to withstand abrasion, high impact, cavitation, water and many other elements for a wide variety of applications. It can withstand pressure and stretch without cracking even as the underlying structure shifts or vibrates. The impervious nature of these materials creates a seamless, leak-proof barrier. In addition, this spray coating can cover complex shapes and can be easily transported to jobsites. These factors make the long-term life expectancy very cost effective.

MetaLine Products

For the protection of machineries and equipments, MetaLine has developed a number of products like MetaLine Series 500,  MetaLine Series 600, MetaLine Series 700, MetaLine Series XL, MetaLine 100 XTM, MetaLine 440. MetaLine product provides industrial solution for equipment refurbishment & maintenance. They are cost effective, flexible and most importantly work well for long time.

Owing to its durability, swiftness, and cleanliness, the MetaLine concept has gained a leading position in international surface protection. Preparing the substrate thoroughly beforehand is an absolute must! Handling requires know-how and initial training is mandatory!

Metaline products

Many of our products are less expensive than other coatings with better durability and are far superior to paint.

Check out the Products section for more details.

Our advanced application facilities for corrosion protection coatings in Kuwait allows us to process anything from simple to complex infrastructure, all within tight timescales.

Our team of application engineers will conduct a thorough review and suggest suitable anti-corrosion coatings and also recommend the best industrial solution for you.