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Coatings for Marine Industry | Marine Coatings in Kuwait

Marine equipment commonly suffers from cavitation, erosion and corrosion. These erosive forces can quickly destroy conventional coatings and lead to damage. MetaLine Coating for Marine Industry provides long-term solutions to eliminate corrosion and extend equipment-life.

MetaLine elastomeric repair Marine Coatings in Kuwait are specifically formulated for offering long term protection for ships & other structures in the marine industry against erosion, corrosion, cavitation & wear.

MetaLine products and services have been used over 50 years in the Marine Industry. The products are specifically designed to withstand harsh offshore conditions and have exceptional resistance against erosion and corrosion.

This unique coating process is suitable for the entire protection of metal components as well as the repair of rubber linings or parts.

Seawater Piping

Seawater pipes suffering from erosion and corrosion are repaired and improved using MetaLine sprayable elastomeric coatings to reline used piping systems or for the initial treatment of new tubings. They are particularly suitable for installations suffering from severe impact & abrasions.

Marine coatings in kuwait

Filter/Strainers Water Treatment

Due to continuous operation, filters and strainers undergo a fully closed coating concept starting from the complete interior up to the outer flanges. Free Fire Download for PC 

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Storage tank repair and protection

MetaLine can solve most storage tank problems, ranging from emergency leaks on wet and oily surfaces to chemical attack and corrosion damage. KineMaster for PC

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Pumps/Rotary Valves

Pumps and Rotary Valves operate under high mechanical forces and this can often lead to damage and wear. Our durable, corrosion preventative coatings refurbish worn parts & protect from erosive and corrosive effects

Coatings for marine industry

Propulsion system

The marine propulsion systems vary depending on the type of vessel, but they all suffer from cavitation problems. MetaLine protect against impact and high-fluid flow forces. These rubber-like linings create a completely seamless and  extremely smooth surface which increases efficiency. It protects kort nozzles, jet tubes, and propellers from future attack with erosion, corrosion and cavitation resistant materials.  Ludo King for PC

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On-Deck Applications

On-Deck applications consist of fish process areas, rescue equipment, skirting boards, handrails/handles, rope end sealings, etc. MetaLine offers elastomeric saltwater protection properties, decorative coatings to enhance slip protection on-board, sound deadening spray lining for smooth operations.

Coatings for marine industry

Rudder Systems

To resurface worn metallic structures, elastomeric repair compounds of MetaLine can be applied in every desired thickness. This is highly elastic and extremely resistant against severe cavitation forces.

Coatings for marine industry in kuwait


MetaLine surface protection coatings can be applied to protect the interior and exterior against saltwater corrosion. It resists chemical exposure within a pH range between 3 and 11 and offers non-stick characteristics as well.

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Rubber components

Rubber equipment common in the marine industry such as fenders, buoys, bellows and hoses are prone to in-service deterioration, where even minor rips and tears can lead to equipment being decommissioned. MetaLine Products with elastomeric properties are castable, trowelable and sprayable. It sticks permanently to different kinds of substrates, without hot vulcanization and this can return the equipment into serviceable conditions with reduced downtime and for a fraction of the cost.

Marine coatings kuwait

MetaLine Coatings are suitable for other areas of Marine sector including:

  • Cooling water pumps
  • Ballast water treatment system
  • Thusters and nozzles
  • Stabilisers
  • Shafts / hatch seals / pipe floats
  • Submarine antennas
  • Aluminium hulls / decks / walls
  • Tidal turbines
  • Fins / Keels
  • Jetski and Water sports equipment