3G news

3G news


This epic has lost its amusing veil for seven years already.

Call me when it starts

I think we should forget about 3G already! It is necessary to step over and go immediately further – to introduce at least 4G, and even better, immediately 5G! Ukraine needs to turn a disadvantage into an advantage! As your wild eastern neighbor, I note that 3G is already [HTML_REMOVED]grandmaphones[HTML_REMOVED]! [HTML_REMOVED]Nothing[HTML_REMOVED]! If we invest money, then in the future. I think so.

You just need to introduce the principle of technological neutrality along with the 3G license. Everything else will decide the market itself. Operators, by the way, have a problem – they need to invest in the development of networks, increasing bandwidth, and users now pay 25 UAH per nose. That in dollars is generally a laugh.

I absolutely agree with you, Sergey. And of course, 25 UAH is, on the one hand, laughter. BUT! At home, I mainly pay for fast Internet and TV on the phone. By themselves, conversations and SMS are a bonus. Another 50r (mad money) I pay extra for the opportunity to call Kyiv almost for free. People who are ready to buy a modern expensive phone should be able to use it [HTML_REMOVED] for all the money[HTML_REMOVED]! I understand that now is not the most [HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED] moment, but the deployment of a modern network will take time. I want to be an optimist! 🙂

Techneutrality is good, but it will be introduced only after the sale of licenses for UMTS, otherwise the latter would not make much sense. In general, in the issue of issuing a single UMTS license, and maintaining such a state of disequilibrium for many years, even after the company owning the monopoly license has become private property, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, and imprison officials in batches, entire committees, commissions and confiscate property without exception.

Here one cannot but agree – the issue should have passed into the hands of the Prosecutor General’s Office long ago. But here the trouble is that first you need to jail the entire Prosecutor General’s Office.

Yes, I agree, these Augean stables need to be cleaned from top to bottom, but as soon as possible. And it is better to take an example from Singapore, and https://fr.opay.com.ng/page-les-oneplus-buds-pro-sont-les-ecouteurs-tws-avances-de-la-marque not from Georgia.

Singapore is cool, but the problem is that it is a very small state, even smaller than Georgia. And Ukraine is a large country even by the standards of Europe. There is a fundamental difference between putting things in order in one Kyiv and the whole country. Even if taking into account the fact that [HTML_REMOVED]fish rots with

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